A Person With Obesity And Diabetes Must Control Their Weight.


Obesity Means Simply Being Overweight. When More Fat Is Accumulated In The Body Then The Body Structure And Constitution Have The Ideal over Weight According To Age, Sex, And Height. According To The National Institutes Of Health, 40% Or More Of The Ideal Weight Is Dangerous To A Person’s Health. The Cause Of Obesity Is An Imbalance Of Calories In Our Body. We Store More Calories Than We Need. The Body Uses The Required Amount Of Calories And The Unused Calories Accumulate In The Body. This Process Increases Body Fat.

Obesity Can Be A Health Hazard And Is Home To Many Diseases.

Obesity Raises The Risk Of Many Diseases Obesity Can Be Caused By Several Factors Such As Diet, Lifestyle, Excess Junk Food, Insufficient Sleep, Pregnancy, Age, Stress, Regular Intake Of Certain Medications. And Increased Risk Of Diabetes If A Person Is Overweight They Are More Effective To Have The Following Problems Increases.

Type 2 Diabetes

Obesity Regulates The Amount Of Sugar In The Body, Produces Resistance To Insulin And In The Long Run High Blood Sugar Can Harm The Body.

 High Blood Pressure

Excess Weight In The Body Increases The Load On The Heart And Reduces Its Efficiency, Which Leads To The Problem Of Hypertension, Which Can Lead To Stroke And Damage To The Heart And Kidneys.

Problems With Osteoarthritis Affecting The Joints That Bear Body Weight.

Osteoarthritis Usually Causes Damage To The Joints Rather Than Bearing fat Resulting In Rapid Pain And Wear And Tear Of The Joints And Bones So That The Joints Become Weak After A Long Time.

Insomnia And Breathlessness

Too Much Fat Tongue And Throat, Can Temporarily Block Air Circulation And Interfere With Sleep. This Causes The Problem Of Tightness And Headaches Even During The Day.

Chest Inflammation Is More

Likely To Be Present In The Esophagus In Obese Individuals Due To The Weakness Of The Valve Above The Abdomen Or Its Overload.


Frequent Failures In Sex Writing Are Ignoring By Family Members And Friends. Repeated Attempts To Control The Fat By Acquaintances. All These Things Create Mental Stress And As A Result, The Patient Becomes A Victim Of Depression.


Is Less Likely To Result In Infertility And Sperm Fertility In Men Is Reduce?

Breast And Testicular Cancer

Younger Girls Are More Likely To Growth Breast And Testicular Cancer And Other Types Of Cancer Due To Obesity.

Type 2 Diabetes And Obesity

Many Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Can Significantly Improve Their Diabetic Condition By Losing Extra Weight. They Do Not Need Or Have Very Little Need For Diabetes Medications. Clinically, Bariatric Surgery Statistics Show That Patients Who Have Undergone Bariatric Surgery Have Completely Eliminated Co-morbid Conditions Such As Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, And Insomnia. Or Significant Improvement Is Observes.

Surgical Treatment For Diabetes Is Now Possible. About 6 To 8 Percent Of Patients With Mobile Diabetes Go Away After Weight Loss Due To Diabetes Surgery.

Diabetes And Obesity Are Also Found Together. About 70% Of People With Diabetes Are Overweight. The Method Of Obesity Surgery Was Use To Reduce Obesity But Now It Is Also Being Using To Treat Type 2 Diabetes.

Surgical Treatment Has Become An Important Discovery For Patients Suffering From Obesity And Diabetes. In Some Cases, Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Have Been Report To Be Under Control After Only 6 To 8 Hours Of Surgery.

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