Should you drink water before bedtime? Know something new

As associates, we all know how vital water is to our our bodies. When there’s a scarcity of water in our physique, we’re afraid of dehydration. We drink water solely after we really feel thirsty. As a lot as water is required to remain healthy, you additionally need to face many issues because of the behavior of consuming water within the incorrect method. Like after we drink water after we fall asleep at night time, it can provide us with many issues. In this put up, we informed you that if the water is finished within the incorrect method and on the incorrect time, then what’s the hurt in your physique, and What is the precise time to drink water?

Why do we want water?

Friends, there are tens of millions of tissues and cells in our physique. Water is required to regulate the temperature of our physique and for the physique to perform correctly. Do you ever get the concept that the quantity of water we drink doesn’t get that a lot water within the urine? Because our physique makes use of some a part of water to digest meals, to sweat, and to breathe. Whatever remaining water is left, it collects toxins by circulating with the blood of the physique after which the kidneys filter that water and take it out as urine. This is the explanation that 70% of water is made up of the human physique. Now you could have understood why water is vital for our physique.

How proper to drink water earlier than mattress at night time?

Friends, if we Take extra water earlier than sleeping at night time, then this behaviour is misunderstood. There isn’t any medical cause however some frequent trigger. When you take a considerable amount of water earlier than going to mattress at night time, then you must rise up quickly for urination after this water regulates within the physique. Getting as much as urinate at night time can spoil your sleep, feeling drained in your physique should you do not sleep effectively. If you must rise up for urination at night time, this behavior may be very dangerous to your health. The largest cause for that is that the imbalance of the hormones in your physique additionally worsens.

Apart from this, many ailments resembling blood sugar, blood strain may trigger issues. That is why water shouldn’t be drunk earlier than sleeping at night time.

The proper time to drink water

  • On waking up within the morning, first, drink a glass of lukewarm water.
  • A glass of regular water ought to be drunk 30 to 35 minutes earlier than lunch.
  • Similarly, regular water ought to be drunk 30 to 35 minutes earlier than dinner.
  • Never Take instantly after consuming. Water ought to be drunk solely after 45 minutes of consuming.
  • Eat dinner shortly, and after 45 minutes take water, and should urinate as soon as earlier than sleeping.
    Apart from this, a bit of water ought to be drunk in the course of the day, males ought to drink a standard three litres of water whereas girls ought to drink 2.5 water day by day.


If you drink water on the incorrect time and within the incorrect method, you’ll be able to endure many losses. For instance, consuming water instantly after consuming impacts your digestive system much more. If your meals is just not left, then you’ll not get the vitamins that you must eat. This can weaken each your physique and immune system. Drinking water instantly after consuming may make you lazy. Sometimes indigestion and fuel issues may happen. Also, you’ll be able to drink water at any time of the day

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