What Is Dehydration? Do Not Take Dehydration Lightly Can Be Fatal

As Friends, We Know That We Need Water To Keep The Body Temperature Normal. When There Is A Lack Of Water In The Body, We Start Feeling Dehydration. Today The Heat Is At Its Peak Here In India. Sometimes The Weather Is Seen To Be Change Due To Rain And Storm. But Most People Have To Face The Sunlight, So As The Heat Increases, So Will The Problem Of Dehydration.  There Is No Need To Panic With Dehydration, Even If It Is Not Taken Care Of May Also Be Why It Is Important To Pay Attention To Dehydration.

What Is Dehydration?

As Friends, We Know That We Have 70% Of The Water In Our Bodies. There Is A Lack Of Water In Our Body, Then We Have To Face Dehydration. Because Throughout The Day, Water Comes Out Of Our Body Through Sweat, Feces, And Urine. Therefore, This Water Must Be Replenish. Water Is Very Important To Keep Our Body Temperature Normal. But If There Is Less Water In Our Body Then We Are At Increased Risk Of Dehydration.

How To Know Dehydration?

If Someone Has Dehydration And It Is Not Done Seven Times As Soon As Possible Or If Heatstroke Occurs, Then The Person Can Also Die Due To It. But When You Get Dehydration, You Will Soon Find Out That Even Before Your Body Starts Getting Dizzy, Darkness Starts Coming In Front Of Your Eyes, And Headaches Start, Then You Should Understand That You Have Got Dehydration. Therefore, All These Symptoms Should Be Taken Care Of.

Water Is An Essential Hymn In Our Body, When There Is A Lack Of Water In The Body, The Person’s Skin Also Stops, Lips Start To Crack If You Do Not Know How Much Water Is There In Your Body Then You Have To Understand It It Is To Think How Long You Have Not Gone To Urinate. According To Research, You Should Go To The Toilet Within 4 Hours. If You Do Not Get Urine Within These 4 Hours, Then You Should Understand That You May Also Have Dehydration.

Escape Measures

  • Like Friends, Women Should Drink At Least 2.5 A Day And Men Should Drink 3 Liters Of Water. This Means That In Normal Life The Bottle We Use Is Three To Four Drinks.
  • When You Feel That You Are Not Thirsty, Then You Should Understand That You All Have Water Completely. Normally The Body Expresses The Fluid As Thirst According To Its Needs, So Keep On Consuming The Fluids During The Summer Day.
  • A Person With it Is Best To Have Lemonade, Coconut Water, And Buttermilk. If You Exercise Daily Then You Need To Consume Fluids For 15 To 20 Minutes During This.
  • If You Still Feel Like Dehydration, Then Give Your Body A Rest For A Short Time, Take A Deep Breath And Rest Under A Cool Place Like A Tree And A Shed.


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